Repair work on a Paxman 20L Special
Paxman as it came into the shop
     This Paxman 20L special, this represents the red brass bell, was purchased off of e-bay by one of my clients. The horn was reportedly listed as being in "good condition", but when the horn arrived the bell was severely damaged. The damage bell damage occurred in shipping but was also found to be partially caused by previous repair work on the horn. It had been assembled with a lot of stress in the bell. The horn was shipped up to the shop and work began. It was assessed that the bell had some thin spots and the client decided to have it cut and acquire a new/used bell flair.
Once the bell tail section was removed the dents were taken out and the bell was cut. It was found that the original flair could be salvaged as a back up flair. A new male ring was fabricated in-house out of Bronze to match the original ring from Paxman and go on the extra bell flair. The horn was stripped of lacquer - the horn had about 50% still on it before this. I also installed an Alexander Flipper and Alexander adjustable pinky hook. Since the client was concerned about acid from his hand I lacquered the inside of both bell flairs and the bell tail. The horn also needed a number of the older solder joints cleaned up and scratches removed from pervious work. If you have any questions about this or any of my work please feel free to contact me.
Extensive bell damage due to shipping and previous repair work that added stress to the bell
after work was done with the replacement bell on the horn and spare, original, bell on side
Close up of the cut bell and of the newely installed Alexander adjustable pinky hook and Alexander Flipper
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