Repair work on a Schmid triple
front and back of horn before work, bottom photo shows broken joint area
    This horn was brought to me by one of the members of the National Symphony Orchestra. The horn had been working well for some time but started to sound a lot different all of a sudden. After going through the horn it was discovered that the horn had a bad solder joint between the 3rd and 5th valves. The ferrule that connects the two valves solder joint had failed. The valve along with the first branch and all other tubing associated with the 5th valve were removed to correct the problem. The ferrule was removed and found to have an overlap of .040 inches. When the ferrule was replaced it was then centered between the two valves to have ample overlap and a clean solder joint. The horn was re-assembled, spot buffed and lacquered. Below are a few photos of the horn before, during and after the work was completed. If you have any questions about this or any of my work please feel free to contact me.
valve and branch removed
after work was done but before buffing and lacquer
after work and lacquer
re-assembled and ready to play
close up of work area
close up after work with circled areas of work on horn
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