Extreme Bell Work on a Calicchio 1S
Bell marked for cut line.
     A client called me asking if I could do some work on a Calicchio bell that had a thinned out bell rim. Well it turned out that the bell rim had multiple holes in it about an inch long each and the owner did not want to add patches all the way around the bell. It was decided to remove the bell flair, saving the original Calicchio 1S mark, and replace it with a Bach 72L flair. Both bells were marked where the cut was to occur, bells were cut, Bach bell was modified to match up with the Calicchio and have a proper fit. Next the bells were brazed together, seam ground and bell buffed.
Cut Bach bell and Calicchio Bell.
Just after brazing Bach bell flair to the Calicchio.
Finished bell and pic of finished bell next to Bach tail and old Calicchio bell flair
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