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LefreQue 33mm
LefreQue 41mm
LefreQue 76mm

    Concave finger Buttons made by Beck Brass Work for french horn. These can be soldered to the levers on your horn to extend the levers and give a more comforable fit in the hand. Available in two different styles (comfort and standard) and three alloys (brass, bronze, and nickel silver). Comfort fit has a more rounded edge and standard has a more pronounced edge.
Style and Alloy

    Bach trumpet 3rd slide rod made by Beck Brass Works long to tune the low "F". Available in Brass, Stainless Steel or Titanium. A full kit ("o" ring, wrench, nut, and rod) are also available. If ordering the full kit plese specify nickel nut or silver. The Titanium produces a more lively and brighter sound over the brass.
Metal and Kit option

    Alexander stopping mute with 2 bells, This is a great mute - $285

    Alexander left hand flipper - $65

    Alexander Adjustable pinky hook - $65

    Alexander replacement top plate for flipper or pinky hook - $14

    Alexander slide stop - $11.50

    Alexander left hand strap - $65

    Seiko Digital Metronome DM70 - $32.95

    Matrix Quartz Metronome MR-600 - $38.95

    Boss Tuner & Metronome TU-80 - $33.95

    Holton Farkas Horn Mouthpiece (silver) - $34.95
Cup size

    Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece (silver plate) - $56
Bach Trumpet mouthpiece size

    Sperslick valve oil - $3.40

    Sperslick Key & Rotor Oil - $6.30

    Yamaha rotor spindle oil - $6.95

    Selmer tuning slide & cork grease - $3.35

    K&M Trumpet stand - $30

    K&M Portable Music Stand model 10065 - $53.95

    K&M Portable Music Stand model 10062 - $55.95

    Manhasset Music stand (in store sale only)- $52.95
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