Instruments and Bells for Sale

Bells for Sale

     Sandner Bell Flare
Bell Flare Options with Alexander style Bell ring

     E. Meinl Bell Flare
Bell Flare Options with Alexander style Bell ring
Instruments for Sale

    Atkinson AG3000 (BSO Horn) -This is a rare opportunity to purchase a Atkinson AG 3000 with hollow rotors made for a player in the Boston Symphony. This horn is currently owned by one of the members of the symphony and possesses the crest of the symphony on the bell tail. Horn is in very good condition. Raw brass and a cut bell. - $12,250
    Walter Monnig- $1,700
    Conn 8D Elkhard M series- $4,100
    Reynolds Chambers- $2,300
    Geyer compensating double- TBD
    Alexander 103 - This horn has seen only professional playing in it's life and was selected by it's previous owner from Germany in the late 1950's. The horn has a few patches in the normal hand grab areas on the bell tail and first branch as well as some typical dents here and there and is furnished in raw brass. The valves should be re-built. The horn still has a classic sound and character. -$2,700
    Alexander 103 - This is a vintage Alexander 103 that is in nickel plate. The valves have recently been rebuilt and the horn plays well. The bell rim has a small patch. - $4,998
    Alexander 107 - SOLD
    Geyer-Schmidt - SOLD
    Finke Americus Double- SOLD
    Schmid triple -SOLD
    Alexander 103 - SOLD
    Willson 250 - SOLD
    Lawson Fourier - SOLD
    Lawson Deskant - SOLD
    Yamaha 668 - SOLD
    Holton Farkas - This horn was selected by John Barrows in 1968 for his student to purchase from the factory. Included in the sale is the origional bill of sale stating Barrow's selected it.SOLD
    Yamaha 567 - SOLD
    Hill Triple -SOLD
    Yamaha 2335 trumpet - SOLD
    Scherzer Horn -SOLD
    Bach Stradivarious 37 -SOLD
    Bach Stradivarious 72 Lightweight -SOLD
    Conn - Schmidt model - SOLD
     Yamaha 667VS - SOLD
    Carl Geyer - SOLD

    Yamaha 667VS - SOLD
    Bach 239 C Corporation Trumpet #618XX - SOLD
    Alexander 103 - SOLD
    Reynolds Contempora - SOLD
    Schmidt single Bb with F/A valve - SOLD
    Holton 179 - SOLD
    Holton H651M #6643XX (Kinder Horn)- SOLD
    Alexander 97 single Bb with stopping valve and F valve - SOLD
    Finke "Brendan" Triple - SOLD
     Meister Hans Hoyer Full Double - SOLD
    Mirafone Descant - SOLD
    Lawson Fourier #141X - SOLD
    Alexander 1103 #69XX - SOLD
    Holton H651M #664XXX (Kinder Horn)- SOLD
    Yamaha 667D - SOLD
    King Eroica Full Double serial #395xxx. - SOLD
    Holton Model 77 Full Double serial #395xxx. - SOLD
    Conn 8D #GC640XXX.- SOLD      The shop has a variety of quality new and used instruments. Please call to inquire about a particular instrument. If I do not have the instrument you are looking for it can be obtained within a few weeks in most cases.