Restorations are a touchy subject for many people. When it is decided to restore an instrument it is first completely dismantled, including the solder joints. All dents, etching, and scratches, within reason, are removed from the instrument.
     The instrument is reassembled placing as little pressure as possible on the horn so as not to affect its sound. The horn is then buffed to a high gloss and finished in raw brass, lacquer, silver plate, or gold plate. If you should have any questions on whether or not to restore your instrument to its original condition feel free to contact the shop. I am currently not taking in any full restoration jobs. This will allow me to focus on finishing my own complete double horn.
Restoration of a Elkhart 8D
Extreme Bell work on Calicchio trumpet
The Jenkins Special Project
Article about John Barrows - from The Capital Times, May 21, 1967
Orchestra pay matrix fron 1965-1966, from Senza Sordino November-December, 1965
Clippings from the first ever French Horn Work shop
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